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Welcome to ChinaTown-Shop, providing equipments since 2005 for the fans of wushu, taiji and sanda. Hundreds of products for the main styles and practices of Chinese martial arts. Everything at the very best price directly from China...

Embroidered uniforms
22 styles
56 embroideries
Kungfu suit and taichi dress fully customizable
Junzi sword
Handcraft weapons forged in Longquan
Shen Long
Da Gou

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Spring Festival holidays   01/23/2015
Chinese new year holidays are coming soon. During the month of February, the procurement lead time of the products that are not in stock will be about 15 days longer than usual.    [...]

New products : Fan (upper range)   10/01/2014
Find out our new range of fans for taiji and wushu. Made with bamboo or metal, several colors available...    [...]

Newsletter September 2014   09/30/2014
Subscribe to our newsletter and be aware on time of discounts and special offers. More information in the rest of this message.    [...]

New season 2014   09/03/2014
Apologies for the delay in shipping orders recently. Back to normal by September 8th. We wish you a great new martial season !    [...]

Wushu, Taiji Uniform, Personalized
39 € (52USD)
Kungfu, Tai Chi Uniform, Embroidered
69 € (92USD)
Chang Quan Kid Uniform, White Borders
19 € (25USD)
Chang Quan Uniform, Black
43 € (58USD)
Tai Chi, Tai Ji Uniform, Cotton+Synthetic
25 € (34USD)
Kung-fu, Tai Chi Pants, Classical Fabric, Black
20 € (27USD)

Shaolin Uniform, Light Cotton, Grey
35 € (47USD)
Personalized Wudang Uniform
42 € (56USD)
Personalized Shaolin Uniform
42 € (56USD)

Traditional Top «Tangzhuang» Long Sleeves, Cotton
29 € (39USD)
Traditional Top «Tangzhuang», Short Sleeves, Cotton
29 € (39USD)
Traditional Top «Tangzhuang» White Cuffs, Cotton
35 € (47USD)
«Chan Yi» Top, Cotton
37 € (50USD)
Traditional Chinese Tunic (IP Man)
89 € (119USD)
Sweatsuit Top, Meihua, Zhongguo
24 € (32USD)

Shen Long Shoes, Black
18 € (24USD)
"Wu" Shoes, Black
25 € (34USD)
"Hua Jin" Shoes, Black & Gold
43 € (58USD)
Warrior Shoes, Taolu, White & Red
19 € (25USD)
"Qiankun" Wushu Shoes, White & Gold
39 € (52USD)
"Do-win" Taolu Shoes, White
49 € (66USD)

Sanda, Chinese Boxing Uniform, Club
19 € (25USD)
Sanda, Chinese Boxing Uniform «Classic», Wesing
29 € (39USD)
Sanda Uniform, Chinese Boxing, Man, Wesing, Dragon
48 € (64USD)
Sanda Protective Gear Pack (Middle Range)
89 € (119USD)
Sanda Protective Gear Pack (Reversible)
94 € (126USD)
Sanda Protective Gear Pack (MicroLeather)
159 € (213USD)

Northern Style Broadsword, Club
19 € (25USD)
Tai Ji Straightsword (Upper range, Semi-Rigid)
49 € (66USD)
Tai Ji Broadsword Chen Style
79 € (106USD)
Steel Spear (Two Pieces)
129 € (173USD)
Guan Dao Halberd (Model 4)
79 € (106USD)
Wolf Teeth Club
55 € (74USD)
Ba Gua Zhang Crescent Moon Knives - Model 2
59 € (79USD)
Ba Gua Zhang Crescent Moon Knives - Model 1
59 € (79USD)
Yong Chun Quan Butterfly Knives (Upper Range)
79 € (106USD)

DVD - Competition Series - Straightsword
9 € (12USD)
VCD - Tai Ji Shan (fan) - Tian Feng Quan
9 € (12USD)
[Duanwei Serie] Wushu for Fun (Pre-duan Textbook)
21 € (28USD)

Bracelet, Healthy Life
5 € (7USD)
Bracelet, Tiger Eye, Yellow
12 € (16USD)
Necklace, Tibetan Style
19 € (25USD)

Kungfu suit and taichi dress fully customizable

Chang quan style collarChang quan suit for men, Japanese styleTaiji uniform Western styleTaiji suit with slanted openingBelt, silk imitation fabricTaiji suit with slanted opening, maple leafTai ji with special bordersGolden edges

  More than one million combination of styles and colors for an unique uniform ! Explore our customizable uniforms.

  • 5 chang quan styles
  • 3 nan quan styles
  • 12 tai chi styles
  • 8 kinds of fabrics (cotton, silk, ...)
  • 200 color shades
  • Custom tailored available

Kungfu suit and taichi dress with embroideries

Embroidery dragon #11 on nan quan suit #3Embroidery dragon #2 on chang quan suitEmbroidery flower #15Embroidery flower on tai ji dress #2

  Uniforms for wushu and taiji with customizable embroideries. Choose from different models, 9 chang quan , 4 nan quan et 9 tai ji, 28 color shades and no less than 56 models of embroidery !

Wudang costumes & shaolin tunics

Wudang tunic (11 modčles)Shaolin tunic (16 modčles)

Upper range forged weapons

Sanhuang broadsword, LongquanBagua broadsword, LongquanZhizun straightsword, laminated steelJunzi straightsword, laminated steel 7000 layers

  For more than 2000 years, Longquan is the place in China where are forged the weapons. We supply a selection of high quality weapons with Damascus / laminated steel hand forged by craftsmen of the very best forges in Longquan.

Sanda, Chinese Boxing

Sanda protective set, PU leather, WesingReversible chest protector, WesingSanda uniform, WesingSanda short

  We supply a complete range of sanda equipments of the brand Wesing, the official supplier for the Chinese Sanda Association with all the needed protections (protective vest, sanda gloves ...), 5 models of sanda uniforms starting from 14 €.

Lion dance & dragon dance

Complete dragon dance costume for 10 peopleLion dance costume fully customizable !Large drum customizable, for your paradesCustomizable banners for your parades

Books and videos

Duanwei books and videos serieEducational videos

Promotional items (flags, embroideries, serigraphs)

Promo banner starting from 69 €Embroideries on uniform starting from 8 €Personalized embroidered belts starting from 8 €Serigraphed t-shirt starting from 6 €

  We propose a service of embroidery on uniforms with the graphics of your choice, serigraph t-shirts and other kind of clothes, also we can print advertising flag at a very low price. A complete offer for the identity of your club and your events.

The very best prices for a purchase with confidence

The best of martial arts since 2005

Kungfu training in China

Go train in China with the best instructors  !

  You wish to come to China to perform your kungfu and train with the very best sifu ? We can help you to organize your trip (selection of the school, booking, invitation letter, ...) at an unbeatable price !

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