Suspension of the sale of weapons


We have to momentarily suspend the sale of weapons on ChinaTownShop, because of security restrictions in China mainland (related to the organisation of the next BRICS conference). You will be able to order weapons on October 2017. In the mean time, you can order weapons on our webshop DragonSports.eu. And you can still order all the other goods (clothes, uniforms, accessories).   [...]

Sanda equipments available again


Sanda gear equipments (protections and gloves) of Wesing brand are available again   [...]

Chinese New Year Holidays


Our suppliers are closing their workshops to celebrate Chinese New year and the coming year of the roaster. Your order will be processed starting from February 10th.   [...]

Custom Pants & Top


You can now order separebly customized pants and tops. Also, a friendly visual interface helps you select the colors and allows you to visualize the final render.   [...]