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How to hook a tasset to a straight sword

Posted on   2011-01-15     Articles  
If your sword as a ring at the end of the pommel, then you can make a simple buckle with your tassel into the ring (see below picture 1).
If your sword doesn't have a ring you'll have to roll your tassel around the handle (see below picture 2).
Picture 1 (with a ring)
Tassel o</div></span></div><div class= Lire la suite

How to choose your straight sword blade length

Posted on   2010-12-28     Articles  
Beginners and newbies will prefer to choose a short blade because it will be easier to mainpulate.
But most of the time to choose a blade length, people measure their arm (from wrist to shoulder) and add 5 cm. Then when you stand up start a serie, holding your sword at the handle, the blade will exceed from your shoulder of about 5cm.