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Dadao, Bagua, Katana, Steel Fan, ...

Posted on   2008-09-26     News  
Like we said, we now add exceptional weapons; awesome dadao, new bagua sword, katanas available on order, chopper sword, steel fan, cloth taiji shoes and wind and fire wheels...

Nunchaku, t-shirt, wooden weapon, forum...

Posted on   2008-09-16     News  
Back to work with new products; 4 models of nunchaku, taiji shoes, wooden katana and straight-sword, and also now the possibility to make embroidery on uniforms plus serigraph t-shirts. In the next future we'll add some exceptional weapons...

Videos, Clearance items (pants, belts, ...)

Posted on   2008-06-17     News  
This is our last update before our summer holidays. You can directly order different kinds of wushu pants, we added too a promo banner. And finally we reorganized the video categories and added more than 30 new products including a Nan Quan series, a Chang Quan competition series, some about taiji fan, Yongchun Quan and much more...

Long weapons, nine ring swords and more

Posted on   2008-05-11     News  
More than 20 new products. New range of long weapons (halberd, spear, long axe, monk cudgel, ...), two models of nine ring sword, soft cotton pants, lion dance banners and more. See the new products.

Sanda series, Chang Quan videos and more

Posted on   2008-02-15     News  
Xin nian kuai le, wish you to have a good rat year ! We added new products, mainly videos and also new weapons and accessories. Discover a new series of educational Sanda DVDs, first to third duan for chang quan, tonfa, taiji bailong game set, fei biao knivess, a new model of sword and more... Now we also propose to realise your stickers. See the new products.
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